We always remind our clients to focus on cultivating reviews, and create a process to actively generate testimonials. Here’s an example of how we are taking a dose of our own medicine — with great results.


As technology continues its unrelenting push forward, creating high-quality digital content has become more and more integral to business success. Since the mid 90’s during our days as a graphic design studio, Metropolis Media has succeeded in creating the best digital, interactive project for our clients. How do we do this? Well, Metropolis Media helps organizations by designing strategies that leverage all the available tools in your digital ecosystem, to connect brands with those who matter the most – your customers. With our proven, strategic process, we know we can achieve better results for our clients in their web presence, social activities, and digital channels. 

Each challenge that clients present to us is unique, so we never employ a cookie-cutter solution here at Metropolis Media (maybe that’s why we have a very high rate of client retention). We’re not ego-driven – we’re focused on the project. We enjoy our work and we seek out clients who enjoy theirs.

In such a crowded marketing ecosystem, platforms like Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews website, are integral for companies’ hiring process for potential business partners. Recently, one of our current marketing agency clients, The Shop, left us a review of our work. We have been providing digital strategy, web development, and UX support for The Shop for the past year. In collaboration with the internal team, we manage consumer packaged goods projects from ideation to implementation. Marc Bourgeois, the President of The Shop, particularly praised us for our balance between delivering on the client’s vision and executing ideas that we know work best as industry experts. Check out the full review below:

In recognition of our commitment to our clients and the highest-quality work, we’re also delighted to announce today that we’ve also been featured on Clutch’s sister site – The Manifest. An invaluable business resource, The Manifest publishes how-to and state of tech news for the purposes of helping businesses grow and find the best fit for your next project

With a team dedicated to quality and our clients, we assure that you’ll get the best by working with collaborating with Metropolis Media, so please, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! 

“When I give (Metropolis) high-level goals and objectives, they’re not afraid to present better ideas, which is helpful because they are the experts.”

 – Marc Bourgeois
The Shop