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Metropolis provides digital expertise and support to numerous agencies, allowing them to deliver excellent digital programs, without investing in talent, infrastructure and overhead.

Some people consider ‘Digital’ to be a vertical, like Experiential, Shopper Marketing or PR.

We don’t.

We think digital transcends virtually all disciplines, and has the opportunity to add value to all aspects of brand marketing and business operations.

But like these dedicated disciplines, the proper implementation and execution of digital programs requires a great deal of specialized expertise. It requires expertise in different technologies, development platforms, coding frameworks, in social media practices, creative strategies, and a myriad of minute details that make the difference between a home run and a 404 error.

If you’re like a lot of agencies, you probably went through the process of building up your own in-house digital team. And you might have found it difficult to maintain the specialization and talent needed to deliver excellent projects, and keep them busy and efficient enough to justify the cost.

Then, like a lot of agencies, you might have gone the freelance route. You found a talented kid who does great work, and keeps your overhead low. Until he gets a full-time gig, and you can’t access source files the day before your launch.

Metropolis represents a hybrid option. We give you the control and bench strength of a dedicated team, with the flexibility and cost structure of a freelance model.

When you partner with Metropolis as your Digital Agency, here’s what you can expect;

Metropolis has the scope and scale to have experts in specific disciplines, technologies and areas of expertise. Tap into this expertise on an as-needed basis.

The keystone of our model is a single point of contact who learns your business, your culture, and your priorities, and manages personnel and resources to support you and your clients’ projects.

You maintain control over quality, scheduling resources, and you’ll always have access to source files and work-in-process.

There’s no risk of us getting full-time job, going on vacation, or getting overwhelmed by another project and leaving you hanging. This is what we do, and we’ve built a process and a reputation of excellence.

End-to-end service
There are lots of “out-source” suppliers that are great at execution. Tell them exactly what to do, and exactly how to do it, and they will usually deliver exactly what you asked for. We’re more than an out-source supplier: we’re your digital partner.

We’ll help you brainstorm ideas, plan strategy, build a business case, and leverage existing technology. And then we’ll deliver exactly what you asked for.

Metropolis lets you focus on what you do best: creative, strategy, brand, communications, or whatever your specialty might be.

Then we layer on digital execution as a project-based, value-added profit centre.

If this sounds interesting, please drop us a line, and let’s start the conversation.

Need to add Bench Strength to Your Team?

Connect with Metropolis and see how we can help you augment and upsell your services with excellent quality digital programs, without having to staff up or chase freelancers.