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You would never undergo a significant medical procedure without first undertaking a thorough diagnosis and history – and probably getting a second opinion. Who can argue with the wisdom of an annual check-up to ward off potential issues and confirm your health and well-being? The same wisdom applies to managing your digital marketing and communications.

Effective digital programs and tactics are driven by sound strategy and objectives. Good strategy is informed by a thorough understanding of all available background information. Metropolis can help you gain this understanding with our custom suite of Audits and Recommendations. Before embarking on any significant digital program, Metropolis can help you gain a better understanding of:

  • Your Existing Digital Ecosystem; what’s working and what’s not
  • Your Customer’s Motivations and Intentions – and gaps in your offering
  • Competitive Activities and Industry Benchmarks
  • ROI and other methods of measuring the Effectiveness of your Digital Programs
  • All the available tools and technology in your Digital Toolbox that will help you achieve your goals.

Metropolis’ 360º approach to Digital Integration means that we can look at your entire digital ecosystem – social, web, internal and 3rd party tools – to ensure the health and well-being of your digital programs.

Whether you are considering a significant digital program, or want a check-up to confirm that you are on the right track, we can create a custom Audit and Review Package to suit your organization and requirements.

We will help you identify pain-points, recognize opportunities, avoid pitfalls, leverage tools, incorporate best practices, and establish strategic objectives.

We can customize your individual service offering to meet your specific circumstances, requirements and budget.


An Introductory Analysis of the Numbers

Reviews are a good place to start if you want to establish baselines, and get a cursory view at top-line metrics.

You will receive:

Thorough Results, in Dashboard, Graphic and Tabular formats and Industry Benchmarks.


A More Nuanced Look at the Story Behind the Numbers

Our most popular service offering, audits are more appropriate if you are considering a campaign or program, and you need a more thorough examination and discovery of the story behind the numbers.

You will receive:

All the reports from the Review level plus Best Practices & Insights and Actionable Recommendations.

Deep Dive

An In-Depth Examination of the Process Behind the Story

These are comprehensive, bespoke, strategic consultations, and are a good exercise to consider before undergoing a significant program or make-over.

You will receive:

All the reports from the Audit level plus Customized Solutions for your Organization and a complete Roadmap to Implementation.

Enterprise Review

Our aim is to create a winning Digital Strategy for your organization. Your digital strategy needs to work in concert with your overall marketing strategy, and support your brand, operational and financial goals, and ultimately, these all support your organization’s Mission, Vision and Goals. To gain this understanding, we will interview your leadership team, review your existing documents, and begin basic background research into your competitive landscape and industry vertical.

We will also take a close look at your Customer Journey, to gain an understanding of their search and discovery paths, motivations and concerns. We might also explore the use of digital marketing platforms, Marketing Automation tools, eCRM platforms, and other tools to help you reach, track, motivate and convert your audience into customers and subscribers.

  • Interviews with your Key Leadership Team
  • Competitive and Industry review
  • Baseline Metrics and KPIs
  • Customer Journey review
  • “Traditional” marketing efforts

Social / Digital Customer Experience Audit

Customer Service is the new marketing. Are you measuring up to your customers’ expectations – and your competitor’s baselines?  Your customers are having conversations about your brand, even if you’re not listening or participating. We will review your profiles in all the relevant channels, learn what your customers are saying about you and how they are interacting with your brand, and show you how you can manage the conversation and build your brand with positive reviews.

  • Customer Service Channel Review
  • Reputation & Review Management
  • Secret Shopper Audits
  • Net Promoter Score

Competitive Benchmarking

Gain insights into your competitors’ strategies, tactics and results. These digital breadcrumbs are out there, and there are smart tools that monitor, compile and analyze them.  But many of these tools are too expensive and complicated for a single organization to take advantage of. We subscribe to the best of these tools, aggregate the results for our clients, and pass along the insights to you, so you can learn from your competitors and beat them at their digital game.

  • Site Traffic Estimates
  • Social Activity & Engagement Metrics
  • Search Performance, Keywords and Strategies
  • Social Listening and Competitive Channel reviews
  • Display Ad Spend Estimates
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Tactics

Social Media Audit

Are you achieving an appropriate ROI on your Social efforts? Are you measuring up to your customers expectations and your competitors benchmarks? Are you using the right tools and leveraging the right widgets? Does your social activity support your marketing strategy and corporate goals?  We can help you answer these questions, and ensure that your social activities are laddering up to drive your business.

  • Channel / Mix Review
  • Benchmarking
  • Custom reporting and dashboards
  • Social CRM and Social Customer Service
  • Ad review; channels, engagement/CPM/CPC audits, creative reviews

Traffic & SEO Audit

Search is the foundation of most digital marketing programs. We will review your past performance, your content, your technology, your procedures for encouraging and managing backlinks, and help you to create the right tools and processes to improve your organic search results.

  • Historical performance
  • SEM strategy and performance
  • Keyword research
  • Pixel Strategy & Implementation
  • Network & backlink strategy
  • Content review

Employee Engagement

“Our Employees are Our Most Valuable Asset”. This is true of most organizations. And in most cases, they can also be your most ardent promoters, enthusiastic recruiters, and productive resource. Are you employing the right tools and policies on social channels, in your workplace, and with your intranet, to encourage your employees to support your business? We can help you find out.

  • Social Media Recruiting Tactics
  • Recruiting & Reputation Audits
  • Employee Culture and Engagement
  • Work Flow and Productivity Tools
  • Review of Enterprise tools and platform integration

Let's Talk

Many of our clients rely on Metropolis for quick, unbiased advice and perspective on their digital programs – even the programs that are managed internally or by other agencies. In fact, this is a great way for us to work with new clients, so you can get a quick intro, and we can prove our mettle.

So, before we dive in and create your digital roadmap, let’s have a quick conversation. The first round’s on us.