We have dispatched our best agents to go spy on your competitors. 

We will get back to you with our Intelligent Intelligence in the next few days. 


We will pull preliminary traffic estimates, and send you a quick report. We will review them with you, and show you how you measure up against your competitors site traffic and performance metrics.

Then, you can see how a full competitive audit might give you the edge and intelligence you need to outperform your competitors; 

  • In-depth traffic estimates
  • Organic Search review, to uncover the search terms that are driving traffic to their site, and uncover new keywords that your competitors haven't considered. 
  • Paid Search adwords, performance, and budget estimates.
  • Social activity, performance and engagment. 


We will also send you a copy of our Sample Competitive Audit Report, so you can get an idea of the depth and detail of competitive info that we can find on your competitors, and the insights and recommendations you can expect to receive, when you hire Metropolis to conduct a full competitive audit.

Our goal is to provide you with the information and insight you need to plan your strategy, impress your boss, stay ahead of your competitors, or otherwise improve your digital game plan.

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