Ask A Digital Strategist 

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“You can’t read the label from the inside of a bottle”. In other words, it’s difficult to maintain a proper perspective on something, like the performance of your digital programs, when you are immersed in them all day, and don’t have perspective on them.

Metropolis can help with that. We can provide insight, experience and objectivity to the challenges and options that you face every day.

We strongly believe that good projects start with good strategy. And good strategy starts with open dialogue and candid conversations about the challenges, options, and opportunities facing your business. 

In fact, the first round is on us. We will schedule a free 1-hour strategy consultation session to review your circumstances, and see we are a good fit.

Here are some of the things we get asked;

  • Pick our brain about your next social campaign.
  • Considering a new CMS or eCRM platform? We probably have some experience with it.
  • Need to determine the ROI for your next program? We can discuss options and metrics.
  • Review baselines and industry standards for traffic and engagement metrics.
  • Get a second opinion, or an objective viewpoint on your web strategy.

Drop us a line and let us know what’s keeping you up nights. We will take a look at your situation, and talk it out for an hour. No strings attached.