Our Story

Metropolis is a digital agency based in Toronto, Canada. We have a long history of successfully helping clients tell their stories, build their capabilities and market their products.

Originally founded in 1992 as a graphic design studio, we have focused on digital, interactive projects since the mid 90’s.

Each challenge is unique, so we never employ a cookie-cutter solution. We first gain an understanding of your environment, your challenges and your objectives. Then we design, plan and develop a program that will reach that objective, answer that challenge, and work within your existing operational environment.

We have a very high rate of client retention. This is because, according to our clients, they enjoy working with us and know that we’ll deliver on-time and on-budget. We’re not ego-driven – we’re focused on the project.Charley+Barcley We enjoy our work and we seek out clients who enjoy theirs.


Our dog-friendly, open workspace studio is located in the downtown east end. But on any given day, you’ll find many of our team members working in our clients’ offices.


Giving Back: Kiva.org

KivaKiva.org is a non-profit organization that’s revolutionizing the fight against global poverty.  It enables people to connect with and make personal loans — of as little as $25 — to low-income entrepreneurs in the developing world. Most of the poor people in developing countries are self-employed entrepreneurs, so a small loan to purchase business-related items, like sewing machines or livestock, can empower them to earn their way out of poverty. We feel that Kiva strongly embodies Metropolis’ culture of opportunity and entrepreneurialism.
Visit our Kiva Lenders page.

Metropolis is also a proud customer of Bullfrog Power


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