Our Services

We’re Metropolis, a Digital Agency based in Toronto, Canada. We have a long history of successfully helping clients tell their stories, build their capabilities, market their wares, and build meaningful relationships with their customers.

How do we do it? We adapt a 360 perspective on our clients’ digital ecosystem to accelerate their digital transformation. By deploying interactive strategies for web, social, mobile and intranet technologies, we help brands to unlock their full value and potential.


What is Digital Integration?

Digital integration isn’t just about tools, technology, creative, strategy, or talent.

It’s about connecting all of them, because to work effectively, they all need to work together.

We can help you achieve that.


Good projects start with good strategy.

We’ll help you ask and answer important questions to draft a clear strategy:

  • What are we trying to achieve, how, with whom, and why?
  • How do we measure success?
  • And why should anybody care?
  • What does your audience want to do? What do we want them to do?
  • How does this project fit into – and support – your overall digital strategy and ecosystem?

Then we’ll craft a plan that translates that strategy into an executable blueprint to deliver measurable results, on-time and on-budget.


At Metropolis, we feel that good creative isn’t just about “look-and-feel”, it considers and engages your target audience.

To achieve this, first we gain a thorough understanding of your business and its communications challenges.  Then, we design effective creative that’s relevant to your audience and context.

For guaranteed effectiveness, each of our projects include:

  • Intuitive and logical information architecture
  • Consistency and cohesion with your overall brand and positioning
  • Concise and compelling copywriting
  • Attractive and engaging UX design

The environment you choose to display your information has a strong influence on your consumers’ interaction with it. We feel that effective design considers and adapts to this context.


Development environments change quickly, and technical platforms are constantly evolving.

At Metropolis, we stay up-to-date on the latest frameworks, trends and tools, so we can execute your programs efficiently and effectively.

But regardless of a given coding environment, we adhere to our tried and tested practices:

  • Agile and efficient development processes
  • Reliable and scalable back-end platforms
  • User-centric front-end coding
  • Thorough quality assurance and testing
  • Detailed documentation and project management procedures

Instead of specializing in a particular technical niche, we leverage the appropriate technology to meet the user expectations, the business requirements, and the project budget.
Our clients enjoy the full benefit of our dedicated team.


We believe that a successful communications strategy – whether it be a corporate website, marketing program, suite of technical documents or a mobile application – is never fully finished. It’s an organic, evolving and dynamic program. And Metropolis can help you ensure the success of your project or program.

The first step is to review your initial project goals and objectives, and ensure that you’re achieving the intended results.

We’ll help you determine how to improve those results and leverage your program with the most effective tools and processes:

  • Social Media Community management
  • Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Management Systems, and other update methods
  • Traffic metrics, site analytics and other statistical tools
  • eCRM campaigns and other contact management programs
  • Publication schedules, editorial governance processes, campaign management tools and other project management tools to keep your audience engaged and your message fresh.

The challenge is to engage your audience with relevant and meaningful content.

We’ll help you do this by leveraging the tools in your digital eco-system, reviewing and refining your tactics, and making connections that are on-target, on-time, and on-brand.



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